As a young woman I was riding horses. It was such a pleasure, but I'm getting too old for that. However, you are never too old for power. You are always game, and you will be a lot longer than what you think. You must stand tall, and find your words. The right hand carries, the left serves.

The one that is highest is love. All understand. I believe in marriage. It is the holy union, and it should be respected at the highest level, but others may have their allowance. Its time to reintroduce blood, and marry it with love. Thats how we win. I believe in Queen, but there are Kings. Eventually Queen by blood will set king without. Thats the way it goes.

We write the history, and thats how its done. Not those leftist who want to burn it on the first day in power. They have always done so. People dont learn. It is the Royals that know. My predecessors took too great of a task by colonization. You must understand your own limits too. The value of blood is high. Do you know where it goes? It goes to the brains, and that is how you think. Without blood we lose it, and I have my serious doubts if the robots are ever going to make it. We should keep them as servants just like our animals. There always needs to be a host, or hostess. Every country should have it. How else can you live, if you dont manage secrets?

Those who join us must understand the value of blood, and they must prove they are better than some of us. There are Royals that we do not need, and we do what we have to if we need to get rid of them. You must never question blood, and we are game forever. You have to use those words. Your friends are those that believe in Monarchy. That is how you win. My sons, and grandsons you are Royals. You prove it by supernatural talents, and I have them. When you talk to God you must do it in english. I know him, he is a nice fellow. You will get advice if its important enough, or if they own you.

You have no idea of the value of blood. It is more than a Crownsecret. Those who join us must prove themselves in hell of a game, because blood is so strong. It is not only the secrets that make us. It is the blood, and even those who prove themselves need to be helped. People always love secrets. There is something addictive in them. They are your money for those who read between lines. Not the most valuable, but it has more value than the money most understand. It works in steps, and always needs to go higher. Otherwise its not worth your time. You need to make it worth your time. There is always the alfa, and the servant. Even in marriage. Whoever marries a Royal has to hold him, or her higher. Otherwise it does not work.

That is the difference we must make. The difference between knowing, and not knowing because if you know there is nothing to play for. I always wondered did I get power too young, but our system is so strong that we will always get 10 years. France has not been much with its presidents. Neither has Portugal. However, if they get a chance to join us I hope they are smart enough to do so.

What you have stated you dont repeat, if it needs to be fixed it will be done. We must respect the law. It is done by us, and we must use it for the value we have. Some people belong to prison for what they have done, but more so what they plan to do in future. People need education. For most it can be the same, but for chosen it has to be individual. It is always agreement we function on. When time comes we review it. Thats the way it goes. You need to have the right to live. Things need to be confirmed, and connected. There is heaven, but there is no hell. Those people just disappear, and thats how it should be.

Carl Gustaf:Good morning

Elizabeth II:I invited you here, and you came. I did not come for you, because world needs me here in Buckingham Palace. I am higher than you, and I will always be. It is your daughter that will get the greatest challenge of all times

Carl Gustaf:How do you know I will have a daughter?

Elizabeth II:Because your first child will be a daughter. It is written in destiny. You must believe it. This Olof Palme is your challenge. He must never march with his people to the castle. You must show that you are worth it. Palme cant wait taking his people, and marching them to the castle. If its about to happen you must use the keys. I wish when you find your successor you find someone so good that you dont have to give all these advices. I have the throne of this planet, and it is your quest to make her so good. Our neighbours learned their lesson. The soviets have not. Thats why Olof Palme is your challenge, and I can tell billions of people will die if the leftist take over our planet, and there are only more and more of them. 10 years is what will make you. If it will not you must give power for Birgitta. If they dont respect the 10-year-rule in full they dont have the right to be among us.

You always look for the power, and how you can use it. There are times when you have to show ur power, but you must not overshow. You also need to relax, but only after your tasks are done. If you relax before you finish someone will take your place. It is how we set the stage, and we know how it plays out. You need to have power more than others. You dont say everything. They need to figure it out. That is the power, and you need to use it. You must make the difference between winning, and losing. You have to do it. We need the keys, not only to prove ourselves, but to use them if we need to. It will be a hell of a decision, but you have to make it. You need to have stomach to say that comment, and overcome the emotions. If a challenge comes, it comes from the highest. You need to spot it, and it may surprise. When we meet we look from eye to eye, and it must be prepared.

You have your duty, and you have to grind it. It happens everyday. You make mistakes they come with life. The only real mistake is not to learn from them. Sometimes you need to rush, not only to win, but to be in time. Sometimes its not going to be pretty, but we need to get things done. You do what you have to. We are all learning. Sometimes the hardest way, but we do. That is why we win. Sometimes you need to continue when others rest. You also need to wake early, and not just in the morning, so to say. You need to overcome what stops you. Usually its a feeling more than anything else. You need to do things in right way. Even ugly things have their pretty way. We all need to play, and not be afraid. You have to examine everything. There is value in smallest of things. You need to repeat what is good, not too hard. We are going to make it, because we know. Everything develops, and habits of history is what makes it. You need to be clear in more ways than you understand. Sometimes you need to interfere. Many times its wrong. You need to show interest its good in more ways than you know. We dont have to know everything, but we must be prepared to know. There used to be a way now there is simpler. Even simple has value more than you know. There are things that you just know, and that is how you get things done. If you dont know you must learn. You have to be fire, and sort things out. You need to gather, and make it right. You have to prepare for worst, and we know what would be the worst for The United Kingdom today. People need to know their place, and value. Our decisions are more limited than you think, but we do make them. It is how everything comes together, and we need to see it before others do. It is easy, because they see nothing. We always have something to do. How little they know, and how much they try. Thats the way it goes. You always need to create new. You have to know more than others, and there are ways to do it.

The side that knows is the master, the side with ability is too, You have to cross the line to learn, and to be right. You need to understand the power of question, and you need to ask them. There is no other way. However, there are many ways to ask questions. You must counter until they get what they want. Better side always wins, even if it takes time. Sometimes you look for something you cant find. Then you find it, because it happens in right way. There is supreme better you have to look for it. You must be interested, and there will be entrance. There is a secret, and you need to find it. The worst can not happen I can guarantee. There is dawn, and there is dusk, and day between. You dont want to go to the night in this sense. There are people who live by the night, and even they have value. You need to have your principles that others dont know. World works in steps. You always need to go higher. You always have competition that is how it goes. You can only win if you play, and you need to connect. You need to form alliances. There are powerful friends. When you need to abandon you do it for new, otherwise it follows you. Sometimes it must be precise most times it must not. You need to work with enemies to make them your friends. You need to love animals they have some power. You need to feed them just like they feed us. Thats the way it works.

There is power in your image, and in new way. Those are the two sides, and you need to mention your friends. They form a team that work together. Then you have something that they need. People need advice, and assurance. Some things dont belong to us, and we should get rid of them. You have your wishes from what you are. Sometimes you are in a conflict, and you need to agree. The superior side will come on top, the other one is servant. If you are ever a servant you need to make sure that the master understands its only on this issue, not in everything. Thats the way it goes. You need to admit, and take what you can. You need to recognize the player, and you need to play the game. Who could ever go against that. You have to make them play. You dont have to show everything, just more than others. The highest show of force is what you let go. They will know after you show. They will understand. You need to choose, and hold on to it. Let the other one go. You need to work on something just you. What we understand from time is its worth. Sometimes we forget because we have to, but first we should forgive. Its always example that serves us, and this time we are not the master. Patience is a virtue, you always have to remember that, and they have tremendous value. You need to prepare it, and you need to prepare it well. Even if it takes all your life. You will have time for it. Believe me because I know. It is how you set the stage, and we know how it plays out.

As a young woman I always dreamed of everything. That is how you make it, by power of dreams. Those aboriginals have something in them, because they appreciate the power of dreams for so long. You need to have fun, and you need to be fun. It happens in individual way, and you need to enjoy your time. It is important. The world is crazy, but we can manage it, and believe me there is value in crazy, if you make it fun. We need entertainment, we all do. Those who do not have it are not much. A coded message is the riddle we love. I have always looked at flowers without understanding why I like them so much. They make things pretty, but there is more. You have to make it nice. Have a cup of tea, and enjoy your moment with a smile. Every emotion has value thats how it goes.

We also need money thats the way it goes. You needed to be smart with money. Not so anymore as crazy things make so much value. You need to spend your money thats the way it goes. You can always make more that is up to you. The power of chessgame is amazing. We should always appreciate it. Even I know it will eventually be solved. What do you think about that? The power that something is solved. Well, maybe its not. You need to respect everything that has value. Thats the way it goes.

Carl Gustaf:Good afternoon

Elizabeth II:This pitiful Daniel does not even have talents. Let alone supernatural talents. I always had my serious doubts about the Crown Princess, and now its even more so. This pitiful Daniel is so much worse than what I could ever imagine. How its even possible is beyond my understanding.

Carl Gustaf:We have found the man with rucksack. My daughter talks to him soon enough.

MANAGER:Here are people who want to say something

GOBLIN:They wish unity, as I'm the only primeminister-level person outside power on this planet

Elizabeth II:He must stop talking about Diana

GOBLIN:We could tour Canada in this scenario

Elizabeth II:What does he mean

Goblin:The same way we toured Australia earlier

Secret Service: He knows what happened with Palme. Crown Princess wanted to talk about it, and he used metafora that we could do sightseeing in Australia. Meaning that we should talk other issues. He means that we should talk about other issues than Diana in this case.

Elizabeth II:He is very clever

GOBLIN:I'm glad to hear this from person I appreciate so much

Elizabeth II:Charles, What do you think about this

Charles:He is a fine candidate

Elizabeth II:There is something in this man that controls powers I cant. I do not know why, and that is the meaning.

Blood is what makes us highest. Value we are looking for is love. The only way is to unite these powers, and it is Henrik. It must happen when a person is ready. If anyone had doubts about Henrik it was me, but only in sense of timing. We know he is the one.

Have you ever thought about eternity? I have, and thats why I know so much about it. A lot more than anyone else, at least for now. There will be a new one. Some things are written in destiny. True writing on the wall as they say. You need to play it. Look at our space that we already know so much about, and I know a lot more. There are possibilities we did not know excisted before, but we must make the most of them. We have to. There are questions we have not yet solved. Time is one of them. It will belong to others as I do not understand. There are things I do not know, but not too many. There are powers that can foresee, but even they are limited. They are helping us, and we still have a lot to do. All of us, the good, and the bad. The most important is mind even something might learn to control it. I have told you so long that we will set the stage for the greatest game of everything, and now its time to play. I do not know if we make it, but if we do it happens only through the greatest game of eternity. Something will tell you. I dont know what it is, but something will tell you, and I have heard there are players that want to play.

Language is important. English is a world language. It was chosen. However, there is more value in it than you can believe even if I told you. We need to tell more than others, but we dont have to tell everything. You need to have your sayings that define you. Talking is what connects. You need to tell what people believe. I believe in that. It is important, and there are ways to connect a lot more than what you think. You need to have good understanding in yourself, and with the people you interact with. It can be the strangest individual that gives you value in the strangest of ways, and they can have their moment. Nowadays it can be 7 seconds in fame. Language is what develops. It is a lot more than what you think, and it will eventually be overtaken by new, but we will talk english for now, and the future. Sometimes you need to lay down your pen, but you need to use it even if its just for yourself as crazy as it sounds. Not only for memory that is so limited, but to make things done. You need to know how to tell a story, how to start it, and how to finish it. It needs to finish beautifully that has the most value.

Eventually you have to choose your succession. It is something you see from a very young age. Sometimes its time to turn a new page. It has its value because its empty, and we can fill it the best way. You have to hold your speech just before that you prepared for so long. It is how you set the stage, and then it plays out. You also need to save something for your successor otherwise you endanger our legacy. That is how it ends, and starts. Every end has a new beginning. I killed JFK, because it was my decision. At that moment I knew that I will eventually have a better successor. I ask for 100 days. My succession will be King Harry, and he has a tough decision. It is the toughest of them all. I will be the Queen for now. However, I want to be known as Elizabeth, and I have now requested 100 days remaining for me, and quite a few others. Lets see what they fulfill. And then my task is done. You need help from someone, and you need to pass the throne. From others it will be taken, and that is that. THE END